Deepak Jagdish | MOONLEAP | MIT Media Lab

Observatory of Global Culture*

*Pantheon was known as Observatory of Global Culture (OGC) before being rebranded in early 2014. I shot and edited this video to give a glimpse of the team's perspective on the project, how it has evolved and the motivations behind our research.

Presenting Immersion at TEDxCambridge

Immersion: Beneath the Surface

Production, Camera and Editing of video to explain the story behind Immersion.

Re-Mapping the City*


Mapping techniques and geo-visualizations for a city is typically built upon a static cartographic representation of the city; a flat representation of streets and important landmarks. This article tries to explore how the city, along with its burgeoning mobile device infrastructure, can be tapped as a learning agent to advance existing mapping techniques and in turn help design the city better. Mobile devices allow people to create and share localized experiences in different urban spaces of the city which in turn result in the creation of multiple layers of information that could highlight hitherto unknown facets of the city.

+++ Click here for the PDF version of the whole article.

*The title is inspired from a similarly titled section of the book The Art of City Making by Charles Landry